About Us

Turkish food is a true fusion of many different cultures, a collage of different cuisines so to speak.  Turkey, geo-physically located as a bridge between Europe and Asia, has been a melting pot of many civilizations since the beginning of history.  Once the land of Hittites and the Greeks, it later became the home of the Turks, a nomadic peoples.  Therefore, its cuisine is not only a collage of all the cultures that lived in Turkey throughout history, but also a collage of cuisines from all the lands Turks lived before settling in what was then called Asia-Minor. Today’s Turkish cuisine is a fusion of Turkic, Ottoman, Greek, Persian, Arabic, Lebanese, and Armenian cooking that can be defined as a true and unique Mediterranean food experience.  Turkish food, as most Mediterranean food, relies heavily on appetizers called “mezes” and especially the freshest of ingredients.  Although it has many meat specialties, it is predominantly based on fresh vegetables.  Therefore, it offers a perfect combination of vegetarian and meat dishes, appealing to a broad spectrum of the eating public.


Istanbul, the biggest city in Turkey, is the county’s beating heart and offers a melting pot of all the different culinary experiences Turkey has to offer.  The name of our restaurant, Istanbul Grill House, magnificently represents this melting pot and the food we are serving.  What is unique and excellent about our restaurant is that we are able to offer up the freshest of produce and meats, on which Turkish food is predominantly based, from the many local Vermont and New Hampshire farms.  We are dedicated to buying local ingredients whenever possible.  This not only enhances the culinary experience at our restaurant but it also supports the local economy in a very special way.   Buying local has, in recent years, become very popular especially for Vermont residence.  Many customers will choose our restaurant over other competitors due to the fact that we are dedicated to buying local.



Istanbul Grill House is dedicated to providing professional, warm welcoming service.  Food and atmosphere is far out-shadowed by superior customer service that turns a new customer into a repeat customer. Great service is a top priority and one of the most important aspects of our restaurant; our food will be served fresh and hot, every time.  Management will demand the wait-staff provide the very best in quality services to the customer, making certain that they are content and satisfied with their dining experience.


The atmosphere at Istanbul Grill House is warm welcoming, casual, eclectic, and full of enticing aromas.  We know how powerfully enticing the smell of good food can be and we express that.  With fresh baking bread in the stone deck oven and fresh marinated kebobs sizzling on the lava rock grill our cooking aromas will surely entice customers and sharpen their appetites, opening their minds to awaiting pleasures.